I stand for education

I fight so that our kids can receive a well-rounded education that will help them to think critically.  Education means everything to our kids and our future.  I fight to make higher education affordable. I'll continue to fight against the bloated bureaucratic growth and the excessive spending on "social programs" and campus adornments that do not prepare our kids for a successful future in an ever challenging world.  

I'd rather stand with our fantastic teachers and continue to support teacher wage increases.  


I stand for our Kids

I love kids!  I have worked with our youth all of my life.  I want to see our kids grow and flourish in a community that values them.  Kids need to be free to grow and learn in a safe environment that lifts them up rather than tearing them down.  I will continue to work to make them feel safe, valued and free of abuse and exploitation.  When I work with our kids, I also teach them skill sets that include leadership, conflict resolution, confidence and determination to achieve success.


I Stand for life

Human Life is sacred, and should always be protected. I have always stood and fought to save the lives of our unborn children. 

Kerry Uhlenkott, Director of Right to Life of Idaho, said about Barbara:  "You did an amazing job today during debate for Abortion Pill Reversal.  Thank you so very much for being such a strong voice for the voiceless!"


I Stand for WOMEN

As a female athlete, and as coach to thousands of female athletes, I could see that the future of women's sports was in jeopardy. So I took bold action: I authored, sponsored, carried and passed the very first "Fairness in Women's Sports Act", which banned biological men from invading and dominating women in sports.


This bold action began a nation-wide movement to stand up for female athletes and their right to compete.

Since passing this bill in Idaho a short time ago, I have helped 15 states (so far) all across the Country to pass similar legislation to protect women's rights in sports. 

WOMEN TEAM_edited.jpg

I stand for freedom of Speech and Religion

Our Declaration of Independence declares that our rights are inalienable, or that they come from God, not man.  Our Founders understood this and made it a point to include our freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to peacefully assemble.  You cannot have one without the others.  I have ALWAYS stood to protect these rights.   


I stand for Better Healthcare options

The fight for better healthcare for everyone is ongoing. We need to take a more innovative approach to customizing our health insurance plans according to our needs.

  • Just as we customize our home and car insurance, we should be able to do the same for health insurance. Increased personalized health insurance options will make rates more competitive and patient-friendly, which will lead to decreased insurance premiums.

  • Currently, only "in network" doctors can be used (which is silly!). All doctors, especially our own doctor, should be accessible. 

  • Medical procedures, whether from hospitals or doctors, should be honest and transparent up front. We have a right to see what each exam and procedure will cost before we receive the health services. 

These three simple changes will dramatically improve the quality of our healthcare and lower our healthcare costs.


I stand for Idaho's agriculture & natural resources

I come from a farming family, and Idaho is an agriculture state.  I have always supported our Idaho farmers and the use of our natural resources - such as water - to make this happen.  That is why I have received the following awards and endorsements: