Fairness in Women's Sports

I authored, sponsored, and helped pass HB500, the Fairness in Women's Sports Bill. This legislation was the first of its kind in the nation to pass with overwhelming support in the House & Senate.  This legislation protects opportunities for girls and women in sports, exactly as was originally intended when Title IX was passed in 1972.  Title IX provided sex specific opportunities for girls and women, just as boys & men had always had. 

Since I passed this bill in Idaho, I have helped 15 other states (so far) to pass similar legislation standing up for women in sports!


I Voted for Protecting our GIRLS

Prior to HB466, Idaho did not have a minimum marriage age.  This bill sets a minimum age at 16.  It also states that at 16 & 17, parental consent is still required before marriage.  At 18 years of age, as an adult, one can marry with their own consent.

A minimum marriage age bill was brought by Democrats during the 2019 session.  However, that legislation was defeated because it took away parental rights.  But rather than work with Republicans, Democrats created a false narrative insisting that Republicans wanted to marry young girls off to old men.  Realizing the importance of getting this legislation correct, Rep Ehardt decided to bring her own marriage bill.  HB466 came after extensive research on all 50 states and their policies.  This bill almost passed unanimously (only 2 nays) receiving bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. 

Governor Little said of this bill, “I signed it because it looked like good policy.  Some of these things are incremental.  There was a lot of debate about it last year, and this bill had broad support.” 


I voted for Freedom of SPeech 

HB139 protects authors, speakers and journalists in Idaho from being drugged into foreign courts over frivolous libel charges in jurisdictions that do not respect, value and protect freedom of speech and of the press as we do here in the United States.  It will provide protection from the practice of “Libel Tourism,” in which plaintiffs choose to file lawsuits in jurisdictions which do not provide the same protections of free speech as the US Constitution.   


I voted for research & clean energy

HCR 31

Idaho National Laboratories

The purpose of this resolution is to recognize nuclear energy as a carbon free contributor to the nation’s energy supply.  Additionally, the resolution recognizes the important research taking place at Idaho National Laboratory in nuclear energy, clean energy technologies, and national and homeland security as a valuable asset to the state of Idaho and the world. 


i voted for idaho resources

The purpose of this resolution is to recognize that Idaho has a tremendous resource in its many rivers, lakes and dams. These greatly contribute to the power produced in Idaho.  The purpose of this resolution is to recognize that Idaho’s power is clean, reliable and renewable and is key to our energy portfolio moving forward.


i voted for Parent's rights & children's innocence


Sex Education

H120 allows parents the ability to “opt in” their children to classes where their children will view sexually related materials.  It also clarifies that all sexually related materials must be made available to parents to review and that all guest speakers or instructors must also comply with the provisions of sections 33-1608, Idaho Code.  This legislation is about consent, not content.  A parent has a right to know and approve that which their child will learn.

Why I sponsored this Bill?


i voted for less regulations


Administrative Rules

H100 was legislation that opened the door for Governor Little to roll back massive regulations that was holding Idaho back.  Because of this, President Trump invited Governor Little to the White House where he was able to share the fact that Idaho is now the least regulated state in the nation.

Why I sponsored this Bill?

I supported this legislation and worked directly with Majority Leader Mike Moyle on this bill.  I was one of the main voices behind this bill and began working on this immediately after my first 2018 session.  The House remained strong in our support of this.  The House, the Senate and our Governor benefited as 75% of Idaho’s rules were eliminated or simplified making Idaho the least regulated state in the nation.